PMI APPM Congress 2016


反正公司贊助了$1380, 我也很樂意付出我的私人時間去八卦一下人家的project經驗


有溫故知新的project流程, project 常見問題 , risk management, change management, resource management




3。proactive instead of reactive 

4。present 最重要係令人由你發言中有所獲。如平時不知道但有用的fact 或 講者個人經驗可實用借鑒

5. obtain customer by helping them to Make up their mind for decision to buy 

6. Attact and retain customer for more revenue :
Strategic thinking – Think clear
Market sense – aware of market trend
Market relation – maintain customer relationship by social media or keep brand refresh
Fast execution

8. how to differentiate yourself to get a certain position 

9. goverance of yourself , your team for schedule and goal; goverance your client to go throuht change control process when change required 

10. Set each component with price tag and with options for client to choose from

11. Project virtual team , daily/ regular conference for tracking progress preferred


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