之前不知怎的… 竟成了3G FAT

餘下午12G 空間, unallocate, 但又EXTEND不到, 起不到新partition, 就這樣眼白白的廢了


最後還是GOOGLE 大神 !! 搜出了方法, 現在USB終有15G可用了… ~


Run CMD.EXE as administrator
Ctrl + Esc | type Cmd in the “Search Box’ | do not hit Enter |
right-click on CMD.EXE in the list of Programs
 | YES button (if asked)

Use DiskPart —-{type commands, follow each by hitting ENTER}
Type DISKPART ——{starts DiskPart; command prompt changes to DISKPART> }
Enter following DISKPART commands:
List disk ———-{list number assigned by DiskPart to the drives;
——————– note the numeral assigned to your UFD/SSD/HDD}
select disk 1 ——{the numeral 1 will be used in this example}
detail disk ——–{info will help verify that you’ve selected the desired disk}
clean all ———-{write zeroes to all bytes of selected disk; depending upon 

——————– capacity and device speed, this can take awhile.
——————– Any bad sectors will be so marked and avoided.
——————– Wait for the DiskPart prompt to appear again.
——————– The DiskPart> prompt will eventually appear.
clean ————–{zeroes only first and last sectors to zero out boot info;
——————– This is much quicker and suffices for most cases. }
create partition primary –{create a primary partition in the selected disk}
select partition 1 ——-{select the partition you just created}
active ——————-{mark the partition as Active}
format fs=ntfs quick —–{format the partition as ntfs}
assign ——————-{assign next available drive letter to the volume}
exit ———————{exit DISKPART and return to the command-shell prompt}

exit ———————{exit the command shell }


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