VM 2k3 expand boot partition

Updated from http://h0bbel.p0ggel.org/howto-expand-vm-boot-partition

Using VMware Player 3.1.4 build-385536

  • 1. Shut down the Virtual Machine
  • 2. Expanding the VMDK
    In VM Hardware setting, increase the HD size
  • 3. Resize boot partition
    As Windows doesn’t allow you to resize the active boot partition, you’ll need a third party tool to accomplish this step.
  •  GParted Screenshot
  • In this case I used the GParted
    All I did was to download the GParted ISO, mount it as a Virtual CD-ROM device and boot my VM from it.
  • then GParted will provide you a great interface expand the existing partition.
  • P.s mouse is only useful for exit. Use tab, arrow keys, and Alt + char to control the interface.
  • 4. Remove the virtual CD-ROM device and reboot the VM

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